What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is Simple, Open, and Sensory

Fundamentally, forest and nature therapy is a way of deepening our relationships to the earth, sky, water, and all living and nonliving beings within it. 

Our ancestors had a rich, spiritual awareness of how humans and all creatures were interconnected. Over time our awareness of this has diminished. Most of us in the developed world spend nearly all our time indoors. Forest and nature therapy walks are about simply being with nature in an intentional way to rediscover our connections with it.

The practice of forest and nature therapy is wide open. Every guided activity is optional, and all activities may be done in any way you choose. There are no specific expectations or outcomes.

Forest therapy is an exquisitely sensory experience. We use our senses to explore and discover the world around us. As children, we did this instinctively. A forest therapy walk may remind you of how you explored and delighted in the outdoors when you were young.

“I noticed how every branch bends in the wind a little differently, just like us.”

-- Community Participant

What to Expect from Your Forest Therapy Experience

Dr. Mia Wintheiser, MD will guide you through a series of activities designed to reconnect you to nature.  A forest therapy walk is an amazing new experience that everyone will love!

Forest Therapy is a Unique Opportunity for

  • Professional development
  • Time away from technology
  • Playfulness, curiosity, and joy
  • Physical healing and rejuvenation
  • Exploring or practicing mindfulness
  • Improvement in mental health symptoms
  • Sharing ideas with new people, coworkers, or friends

Are you curious to try a Forest Therapy Walk?

A Forest Walk is a unique way of connecting on a deeper level with the world.